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2011: A Year in 824 episodes

Note au cas où y'aille encore des gens qui lisent ce blogue: ce billet est en anglais parce que, ben, la majorité de mon blogue est en anglais maintenant, même si ça paraît pas. Et de toute façon, une image vaut mille mots, etc.

So, last year I made a post that was very much appreciated by me, my husband, and a lot of spam commenters. It was my 2010: A Year in 450 episodes post! I still like looking at it a lot. But I had actually watched 900+ episodes, and not 450, so I started 2011 with plenty of good will, all "I will start RIGHT AWAY and do episodes BASICALLY AS I WATCH THEM"! Which I did! For maybe two or three weeks. I'm still sad that I didn't manage to do all of it, but then, I watch a lot of TV. And I did do better than last year.

A couple of warnings: this is the least dial-up friendly post of all time. And also, there are a couple of spoilers, but, well, it's one cap per episode, so it doesn't say that much. Plus I mostly picked caps where people made out, so, mostly those types of spoilers. And I was careful for The Wire, so you have no excuse not to watch it.

Without further ado!

824 episodes watched in 2011 (or almost)

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