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look up at the sky

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1 March 1988
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J'update mon journal des fois pour parler de ma fascinante vie. J'aime Disney et je vous aime, vous.

If you're here for more fandom-y reasons, it's mostly locked, just comment here! I'd love to have more friends, so don't be shy.

(the awesome Community moods are by dementedriku)
(!), 90% metaphor, air guitar starrrr, almost famous, alégracia, ani fucking difranco, applaudir avec des mitaines, avale ta montre, bonhommes gauchers (:, butterfly kisses, café lézard, caresses capillaires, circle that never ends, colline des télétubbies, colorful bras, compulsively checking mail, conspiracy theories about bejeweled, cottonny-looking clouds, crawling into bed, crisser là horaires&calculs, croiser son regard, cuddling in a bus, curly-haired boys, dancing like crazy, days and days, dimanche, dream it be it, empêche que je m'envole, escaping in mexico, every-little-thing-she-does-is-magic, fa bémol, frankly-my-dear-i-don't-give-a-damn, friends' names as interests, garder-vibrant-ce-qui-reste-vivant, geeky poems, gray skies clearing up, guitar-playing boys, heating up the place, hotchocolate in good company, how i met your mother, impossible devient français, inaugurer des néologismes, je seconde!, june first 2001, l'amour comme réveil-matin, late-night conversations, laughing at montreal expressions, le castel impossible, le temps perdu, leaving love notes, leaving your email open, les boucles d'oreilles internationales, les fichiers txt, les harlequins (mais-pas-trop), les mains des guitaristes, les pichets napoléons roses, les plaisirs minuscules, like the stars above, lire cosmo en avion, lontana come la luna, looking at my stuff, may 15th 2005, mind wrapping around itself, misheard lyrics, misting up car windows, moi j'dis, moi-les-rêves-je-les-multiplie, music being #1 interest, never take it seriously, november 8th 2001, obsession with sneakers, october 3rd 2005, one picture a day, onze siècles (ou moins), pas être un numéro, people smiling while sleeping, pick yourself up!, places you've never been, polémil bazar, ponctuating things!, provocatively named books, quand florent joue, randomly adding interests, record my fucked-up dreams, s'appeller gaétan (de temps-en-temps), talking about spaceships, thanking bus drivers, toutou rose, un certain corridor vert, unexpected emails, up and kicking, vincent vallières, waking up with sunlight, wearing boyfriends' sweatshirts, wearing sexy pants, wearing threadless shirts, winter's first snow, worth coming home to

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